Siamese Cartoon Time


My friend Abi and I concocted this cartoon, back when Minkey and Elli were going through their terrible twos.

13 years later… Now we know: It’s permanent.

Minkey’s Artistic Day (Not For The Squeamish)

art1A few years ago, I went through art college and managed to land a Fine Arts Advanced degree With Honors.  I have to admit, however, that Minkey is a more creative artist than I’ll ever be.  I came home from school one day to discover that Minkey had somehow got a sheet of paper I’d been using to make a charcoal transfer from, and had Adapted it into his own interpretive piece of artwork. 

He seemed to be busy smudging it. I was hugely entertained – till I saw the focal point of his piece de resistance

A tiny fieldmouse, dead. I didn’t know whether to be more horrified that a mouse had made it in from the winter snows, or amazed because Minkey was doing a Salvador Dali.

I sent several photos of his antics to my drawing teacher, who didn’t deign to reply.

Personally, I think he was just  jealous.


Valentine To A Yowling Siamese, 4 a.m.

angelI wrote this on a Valentine’s day years ago, after Minkey tried to wake me up at 4 a.m. by dropping tinfoil balls on my chest and screaming affectionately in my ear….

Valentine For A Yowling Siamese Cat, 4:00 a.m.

pawprintRomeo and Juliet
would not have died,
had they a pet.

A puppy to be fed and brushed
would not have left them
quite so crushed.

And if not that, at least a cat
to occupy and plain distract
from morbid thoughts of death and gloom
—A Siamese would leave no room,
its plaintive love-song not denied
by man or beast (lord, how I’ve tried!)

A Siamese — cannot ignore it —
just expects you to adore it.

Copyright 1997, M.F.Miller


Malinka From The North

malinka1From Guest Blogger Skadi:

Malinka was rescued during a terrible thunderstorm some years ago. It took her two weeks to come out of hiding and begin to trust.  She quickly learned that dogs could be warned off with the dreadful Siamese Hiss, which ones does showing as many sharp, pointy teeth as possible.

As soon as she became used to other cat and dog members of our family she began to relax. Her message was: “I’m Malinka and I’m the baddest girl in town”. Nothing was safe from her, and she knew all the ways to draw attention to herself. The bed became her Queendom, and any other cat coming up was subjected to the savage leap and rush, paws and claws before her, to knock her rivals off the bed. Then she would roll.

It became impossible to read a book in bed. As soon as I started, this wicked seal-painted she-devil’s face would pop up above the book, and puncture it with a fang before disappearing again. Many is the time I came home to find a new or cherished book, with corners neatly chewed off, and numerous puncture holes in the front cover.

I named her for an old movie poster: “Malenka the Vampire”, showing this fierce, yet free, woman, her mouth open to display large and wonderfully fake vampire teeth. It suited the temperament of our Malinka perfectly, Although there was definitely nothing false about her little vampire fangs. But in all this, we love her; how can we not?


Minkey’s First E-Friend

malinka2It seems Minkey has made some NEW friends, whether he knows it or not.  He has never met Malinka, but we are honored that she has come to “visit” our pages. The next post will be her story.

I would love to hear from other cat owners about their special friends. “Guest bloggers” are fun!

And yes – that’s Malinka, (left) doing what Siameasles do best.  Taking over her owner’s house.