Minkey Immortalized In Siamese Cat Art

siamese-cat-artYes, Minkey has been immortalized in Siamese cat art.  He was once the sitter for an edition of 12 prints, created using the copper-plate intaglio method.  It was called “Cat With Flower”, and Minkey did a wonderful job of keeping still.

You see, the beautiful thing about having Minkey as your sitter is that he’s very, very easily fascinated by small things.

He’ll stare for days at a spot on the ceiling.  He can easily contemplate a single pea on a plate for 2 hours and 41 minutes. (I know. I timed him, once.)  He’ll go into a coma looking at a speck of dust.

As long as the object of his gaze does not move, it’s safe.

Motion sends him into instant kill mode. As many hapless visitors have found out. (Back in the days when I actually had visitors…)

So all I had to do, to get the sketch down for my intaglio plate, was plop a flower down on the couch beside Minkey. I got about 3 versions sketched, before I accidentally nudged the stalk.

Had I a camera (and lightning fast reflexes) the world might have been blessed with “Cat Shredding Flower”.  A twin to this piece would have gone nicely, I can’t help thinking.

The world will never know what a masterpiece it might have seen.

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