The Object Of Siamese Affections

minkey-meets-wilburMinkey is in love.  The object of his affections is a suede-covered, bobble headed moose named `Traveling Wilbur’.  I bought Wilbur in Thunder Bay, on a visit to my sister.  About once every year or so, I make the 14 hour trek back to visit her.  I always sentimentally take Wilbur, and stick him on the dashboard of my SUV.

The last time I went to Thunder Bay, I was gone for ten days.  I was looking forward to my reunion with Minkey, but wasn’t at all surprised when I got the not-very-convincing “Oh!  Who are YOU?” treatment.  He sat in front of me with his back turned, washing himself elaborately.  You know the drill.  Punishment for my defection.

But then, as I was unpacking, a plaintive Siamese song started up outside the bedroom door.  Pleased to be forgiven so quickly, I opened it.

Minkey rushed right past me, and darted straight to the window – where I had just put Traveling Wilbur back in his every day spot.  It wasn’t me who got an enthusiastic greeting – gummy-rubs, purrs, head bunts and all.  Nope. It was that bobble-headed moose.

When I woke up the next morning, Wilbur was on the floor, and Minkey was curled up around him, fast asleep. I don’t know who is more odd – Minkey for falling in love with a bobble-headed moose… or me for having one.

I guess we are well suited.

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