Stalking Cat Meets Cool Cockatiel

lily5Let me introduce you to another Minkeyfriend. This is Lily, who is about 5 months old. As you can see, like Minkey, she is fascinated by Fluttery Things that Move – in this case, her house-mate, Spike.

We hear that Spike is NOT impressed with Miss Lily. But he tolerates her sleeping for hours on top of his cage (her favorite, er, “perch”) without spitting out more than the occasional sulky swear word.

Although owner Katherine optimistically thinks they are friends and this is just a delightful kitty game, we are not fooled by such devious kitten behavior: We think she has been diligently taking Lessons in Stalking (and Advanced Snooze 101) from Minkey.

New Age Siamese Cat Behavior

siamesecatI’ve been spending some time north of  Thunder Bay with my mother and sister lately, both of whom had very close calls with hospitals and surgery.  Minkey got left behind, visited daily by his Favorite Plumber (who he likes because F.P. always lifts him up to look at imaginary Ceiling Spots.)

One of the items I brought back was a large chunk of Amethyst, from one of the many Amethyst mines that line the north-western shores of Lake Superior.

Minkey has finally abandoned Traveling Wilbur, his toy bobble-headed moose, in favor of the Amethyst. He spends hours in the window, curled around it.

One of my friends, who is heavily into New Age stuff, insists he’s feeling the Healing Power Of Crystals.

Me, I just think he likes it because:

  • It’s sparkly-warkly
  • It casts a nice lilac sheen on his snowy-white, chocolate point coat

(What do you think?)

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