Minkey is a pure-bred chocolate point Siamese born May 13, 1995 (registered name Something Something Banshee.)   He is an Only Cat, as well as a strictly Indoor one.

He has only ever been outside once (accidentally) in his life; during which he spent 8 hours in the back garden huddled on the back of a bench, terrorized by Piers Mauvoisin, the aggressive black cat next door whose only prior contact consisted of staring matches through the window.

Minkey was quite glad when I came home from work and Rescued him.

Minkey hates:

  • small children
  • human beings who aren’t yours truly
  • cats
  • dogs
  • being moved
  • having his claws detached from sweaters
  • temperatures under 95 degrees
  • owls
  • Piers Mauvoisin

Minkey loves:

  • singing loudly after midnight
  • hunting anything that moves
  • squirrels, mice, feathers… or anything that looks/feels like squirrels, mice, feathers
  • perforating clothing
  • recreational bazooka-barfing
  • sitting on top of very hot baseboard heaters if I’m not available
  • his morning “treat”
  • tripping people
  • chasing tinfoil balls
  • eating plants
  • His toy bobble head moose, Traveling Wilbur

According to his breeder, Abi, he emerged stillborn and clinically dead for almost five minutes before she managed to resuscitate a spark of life into him. I am never quite sure if he is brain-damaged, or diabolically clever.

I suspect both.


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  1. Fuzzy Tales on February 19th, 2010

    Oh, this human almost spewed her capp when she read “recreational bazooka-barfing.”


    Well done!

    -The human slave at Fuzzy Tales

  2. Minkey on February 19th, 2010

    It’s something I specialize in.

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