Meezer World Domination

So Tolkien called me “the Fauna of Mordor”, did he?  Well, there are more of us Siameasles than he knew, I’ve just discovered (by prowling the Twitosphere).

Except they call themselves “meezers“… for some strange reason…

For example, take Cocomeezer… another cat who tweets, and knows how to keep their Minkeyservant busy.  The Cat Post Intelligencer is my new favorite blog!

Oh yes. And I have got control of this one back from Minkeyservant again. Changed her password. She will never figure it out, since I have no idea what I was tapping.

It was very easy. I just purred her to sleep when she was foolish enough to lie down on the couch. Then I danced on the keyboard with my pointy little clawzles.

Now must go recruit some Orcs…

J. R. R. Tolkien on Siamese Cat Behavior

The last thing I ever expected to be talking about on Valentine’s Day was J. R. R. Tolkien, famous author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, two odd coincidences made up my mind…

First, I found this old photo of Minkey trying to sneak into my suitcase as I packed essentials (a warm sweater, a spiral-bound notebook and The Two Towers) for a trip away from home, last year.  Then I came across a letter written by Tolkien himself, in 1959, to his publishers, Allen and Unwin.

It seems a Cambridge cat breeder politely wrote to ask if she could register a litter of Siamese kittens with names taken from “Lord of the Rings”.

The Fauna of Mordor

Tolkien’s reply to his publisher was…

…”My only comment is that of Puck upon mortals. I fear that to me Siamese cats belong to the fauna of Mordor, but you need not tell the cat breeder that.”

‘Scuse me. I’m off to read this priceless gem to the Eye of Sauron, who is sleeping the sleep of the remorseless on my clean, warm towels.

(Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!)