Cat Communication Habits You Shouldn’t Emulate

chihuahuaMinkeySometimes we develop cat communication habits we aren’t even aware of. Take me, for example…

I’m a copywriter who ghostwrites web and advertising copy. I work at home… and Minkey is my only companion during long hours at “work”.

This morning, while planning an article, I decided to use my computer’s speech recognition capabilities to dictate the key points – the bare “skeleton” – instead of typing them out.

My plan was to time myself, to see which way really is quicker: Typing or dictating.

My little experiment proved 2 things to me:

  1. I’m way faster typing!
  2. I have some really baaad Pet Communication Habits

I’ll show you what I mean. Now, I know this stuff is dry, and Speech Recognition programs are not known for their brilliant punctuation skills, but bear with me. Read every word… and you’ll see what I mean about “baaad cat communication habits”. Ready?

Government reports
trade reports minke shut up
News reports
Existing surveys minke shut up

The important thing to remember minke shut up is that primary data generated by others can be used, if you are careful about correctly citing your sources minke will you shut up I cant think straight with you yelling your tiny face off thank you

When you are studying statistics, however, it is important to consider all the things they are not saying. Your data for the most part minke shut up already exists. It is there within your target markets habits, patterns and preferences.

Your percentages and numbers are known as quantitative data. Qualitative data is less tangible. Quotes your store minke shut up feels crowded endquotes, is a good example of qualitative data. It is not measurable by any unit…

You see, when I start dictating into the microphone, Minkey immediately starts to Sing. He yammers and yowls and chatters non stop. It makes it hard to concentrate (and doesn’t help me write exciting prose!)

It’s a good thing my headset mic doesn’t pick up Siameasle. He could be saying anything, you know:

My, lovely weather we’re having today, Minkeyservant…


I love you SOOO MUCH – and I’m so excited you’re finally talking to me after reading all those stupid books…”


$#%(*& frickenschnickencrazylady, stop #$%$#*! talking to yourself already, you’re driving me NUTS…

Or then again, maybe it’s just: “Minkeyservant, shut up…”