Antisocial Behavior: Siamese Cats Or Siamese Owners?

blurSiamese are perverse creatures. They love to do the opposite of what fits best with their owners’ lifestyles and personalities.  Some might call this `antisocial behavior’.

Take my friend Abi, who bred Minkey from her wonderful seal-point, Chika. The best way to describe Abi would be… think NCIS, the TV show. Think Goth lab tech down in the basement who plays heavy metal music at decibel levels that would drown out jet engines. Abi’s favorite method of Siamese communication: Screaming cheerfully:  “SHADDDUPPPP, you two!!”

Naturally, after being bombarded with everything from Alice Cooper to Deathtongue or whatever the latest metal band is, as well as sharing their space with eight other pets, Abi’s two Siameasles Chika and Ellie (Minkey’s mother and sister) have turned out to be the most mellow pair imaginable.

(If you stop to think of it, this could be the ultimate expression of Siamese antisocial behavior.)

Then there’s me, Miss Fluffy, Pink an’ Gentle. Occasionally breaking the peaceful silence of my woodland cottage with soft strains of New Age music – yes, the sort with the tell-tale word “relaxation” somewhere on the CD cover.  Practices Reiki, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong from my wheelchair.  Loves quiet cups of tea and sunny peaceful mornings.  Plays gentle, reflective tunes on her little Celtic lap harp.  Has never lavished Minkey with anything but love, attention, patience and kindness.

We’re all about the Harmony here, at La Casa Minkey.

Well, SOME of us are.

Oh the irony – I end up with a cat who ricochets joyously off  visitors’ heads; has stunning and inexplicable kitty fits all over the walls, floor and ceiling; sings at the top of his lungs non-stop (especially after midnight); loves putting fresh holes in all my t-shirts and blouses (preferably when I’m IN them) and practices bazooka-barfing at the most inconvenient moments. Usually when I’m meditating.  Or trying to.

Perhaps it’s the soothing music.  Perhaps it’s too soothing.   Perhaps it’s actually causing antisocial behavior.  (At least, that’s what Abi says…)

Perhaps I ought to just buy him his own little set of Metallica DVDs.

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