Siamese Cat Bed Therapy

pangur-cat-bedHere is a photo of Minkey catching a few rays of spring sunshine in his beloved custom-designed Pangur cat bed.  Since spring has finally sprung, he has been doing a lot better and gaining weight. I am sure the sun has something to do with it, since I haven’t changed his food or taken any other drastic measures since the vet gave him a clean bill of health. 

Meanwhile, my poor sister is still in hospital, suffering horribly after intestinal surgery gone wrong that won’t heal.  She is used to living a quiet life in the woods, tending to her wildflower gardens, pond, roses, animals and birds. A hospital is not the place for her to heal – but her health is in far too unstable and serious a state to leave the hospital.  Doctors estimate she will be there for at least a couple more months. 

Since she cannot go home to her beloved forest, I wish I could send her a nice large Pangur cat bed to put in a sunshiney window.  My friend Cari made it for Minkey – and it looks so soft, cosy and comfortable.

And a Minkey or two to cuddle up with. I bet that would help.

Get well soon, Sis.

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